I Can Learn My Colors & Shapes

The preschool years are some of the most fun years of a child’s life.  It is also when some of the most learning takes place.  Young children learn best when they are having fun.  That’s why I Can Learn My Colors & Shapes is perfect for teaching little ones their colors and shapes in a way that is fun, engaging and interactive.

Here’s what one mom said about this title:

“Do your kids like flash cards and monotonous drills? Mine sure don’t! That is exactly why “I Can Learn Colors and Shapes, Game & Activity Pack” by Eastern Wind Academy is such a wonderful tool, or set of tools really! This download is packed to the brim with 15 different games and activities to teach and reinforce not only shape and color identification but also recognition of their written words! And I don’t know about you, but my kids are always up for playing a game!

I was very impressed by the variety that this download has to offer. Everything from color and shape bingo, to mini copywork books, to dominoes, to self-checking matching games and more, provide you with enough options to make color and shape learning interesting and new for as long as you can imagine. The games and activities vary nicely in difficulty, progressively building towards harder tasks and allowing your child to slowly and confidently work towards mastery of the concepts. Plus, the emphasis placed on the written terminology makes this a download that could easily be used for a number of years and with multiple children of differing levels at the same time.

As I briefly mentioned above, this download also has a number of activities that provide a self-checking feature for the student, which allows more room for independent work. I know that this option is of primary importance in our little homeschool right now since a feisty toddler can often be distracting and require my attention. Being able to set my older son up with an activity he enjoys and is able to complete and even check on his own has been one of my favorite things about this download.

Another aspect of this download that I really appreciated were the clear instructions. Sometimes when you are having to cut things out and figure out what goes where and which pages relate to each other it can all become rather confusing. Not so with “ I Can Learn Colors and Shapes.” The first five pages are all devoted to clear instructions and even some picture examples to make your job simple which is always a positive in my book!

If you were to laminate the all the pieces to this download it could easily serve you and your family for many years to come. I feel confidant in recommending this product to most any mom with young kiddos and am sure you will get lots of fun and rewarding use out of it.”

This title is available exclusively at Currclick.com and is available for the super low price of $2.25!  Check it out and start your child on the path to learning fun!

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