Charles Perrault Fairy Tales

My oldest son is currently studying year 3 of history and I stumbled across a great site of Charles Perrault fairy tales!  This site has some great classics on it!

Here are other Charles Perrault fairytale resources!

Puss in Boots:

An older version in .jpg format

Illustrated online story book

Another online illustrated storybook (black and white)

A free audiobook

Interactive storybook

iPad/iPhone/iPod Interactive Storybook app

Little Red Riding Hood:

An online storybook from Storynory

Online story

Free online audiobook

Online interactive storybook

(Note to parents: if you haven’t read this story before, please pre-read it.  You may find it to be inappropriate for your particular children.)

Free online audiobook

Online story

Online storybook


Free online audiobook

Audiostory from Storynory

Online story text

History of Cinderella

Tom Thumb:

Online storybook

Free online audiobook

Online story text



Sleeping Beauty:

Free online audiobook

Storynory version of Sleeping Beauty

iPad/iPhone/iPod Interactive Story App for Sleeping Beauty

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