Addition Facts Learn Along

Bring your child’s learning into the 21st century with Addition Facts Learn Along!  Learn Along products use technology to make learning a fun, interactive and sensory experience for a child.  The more sense you bring into learning, the more meaningful the material becomes to the child and the better they learn it.  Learn Along products also cater to a variety learning styles.  When children learn according to their own personal style, they learn and remember more.  These two principles are the heart of the Learn Along line of products.

This module was designed to help learners of varying types.  Visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners can all benefit from this product.  This module is also great for special needs children or for children who may need a little extra practice to learn and/or remember their addition facts.

Also, the module is non-linear.  It allows kids to explore according to their own desires and does not force them onto a specific path through the program.  It also allows children to learn one fact family at a time and when they have mastery, they can test their knowledge in the random fact drill area.

Here is a little tour of the learning module:

Intro Screen

This is the main menu.

On the main menu, your child has the choice of learning addition facts by family or in random order.  You can also have your child learn their facts by individual families and then have them test their knowledge in the random fact area.

An example of a fact family addition fact screen.

This is an example of a fact family screen.  All the facts from the 4 family are on this screen.

Simply click on the "?" to view the answer to the addition fact.

Simply click on the “?” to see the answer to each fact.  The module does not force a child onto a specific path so the child can click on the answers in random order as he/she learns.

An Example of the random addition facts area.

Once the child feels more comfortable with his/her addition facts, he/she can test our her knowledge in the random fact area.  These are facts from all families in random order.  Again, the module is non-linear so the child can learn the facts on the screen in any order he/she chooses.

Click on "?" to view answer to addition fact.

Simply click on the “?” to see the answer.

This innovative product is on sale now for only $3.50 and is only available at!

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