Copywork for Handwriting Skills

Copywork is a great way for your child to practice their handwriting skills, but copywork can get boring fast.  That’s why we developed a couple of copywork projects for Valentine’s Day!

Use these fun Valentine’s Day copywork projects to help your child practice their handwriting skills.  Included in this pack are two different projects – copywork cards that contain 10 short, silly Valentine’s Day poem and copywork strips to form a decorative paper chain.  There are two different types of paper chain projects – one using Bible verses and another using inspirational quotes about love.  There are 5 different levels of copywork so this pack is great to use with multiple children.  You could end up with a very long paper chain to decorate your house with!  These levels are: print tracing, pre-cursive tracing, cursive tracing, primary lines and regular lines.  These can be used with children just beginning to learn to write all way up to kids who are proficient cursive writers who want to keep their skills fresh.

This title is available on for only $1.50!

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