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Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, you may be looking for some fun things to spice up your homeschooling day.  Valentine’s Day Copywork Projects is a perfect way to help your child practice their handwriting skills and get some cute valentines at the same time!  Here’s what one mom had to say about them:

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I’ve been hunting around for a few ideas for the kids to do. And while there’s ton’s out there, I finally stumbled upon one that works for both schoolwork and is a fun tool for making fun homemade valentine’s cards – an ebook book of  Valentine’s related copywork.

Eastern Wind Academy has put together this 72 page ebook, Valentine’s Day Copywork Projects that is perfect for making homemade valentine’s day cards for family, friends, and homeschool support group or co-op valentine’s exchanges.

The first section contains these fun little card like verses that could double as valentine’s cards very easily.

These would be great just printed on colored card stock, or printed on white paper and glued on colored card stock and decorated, maybe even attached to Valentine’s day goodie bags.

The next section is about 20 bible verses relating to love. These are on copywriting strips.

I’m going to give these to K and Little E to copy on to homemade valentine’s cards.  I might even post a few of these up around the house as a reminder of how we’re supposed to treat each other :)

The last section are love-related inspirational verses, from sources like Mother Theresa, Buddah, Ghandi, the Dali Lama, and others.

All three sections provide a printed copy of the verses, plus versions for pre-printing, printing, and cursive, if you use those types of formats.

Personally, I’ll just have my kids either copy the verses on to the cards they make, or in Z’s case, we’ll cut and paste the fun little verses and maybe a few bible verses onto colored card stock.

Some of these verses would be appropriate also for a unit study on what the Bible says about love, or a notebooking or lapbook project for valentine’s day or the history of valentine’s day too.

Anyway, if you are interested in checking out these Valentine’s Day Copywork Projects for yourself, it’s available on CurrClick for $2.50, (but for Valentine’s Day it’s on sale for $1.50!).

I used a credit I had at CurrClick to pick up my copy for free, but for a buck fifty, I would have purchased it too. It’s definitely worth that for verses I don’t have to look up and a heck of lot less expensive than buying valentine’s cards from the store.





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