Adventures in Biology

Known to some as “Blech!!” (If you have an extraordinarily weak stomach or just don’t like gross things in general, I’d advise you to skip this post.  Consider yourself warned.)

Today marked a milestone at Eastern Wind Academy – my oldest started dissection!  We started out small – literally!  Behold, the earthworm.

We started out by assembling all of our supplies.  I got a great kit from Home Science Tools for a really reasonable price.  This site is awesome!

My guys with the earthworm wondering when Mom’s going to stop taking pictures and get the show on the road.

Pinning down the earthworm.  Poor, poor wormy….

Ready to go!

This is after we cut the bottom half of the worm open.  There’s not much to these guys so basically it was just an intestine.


Remind me, again, why we did this right before lunch….

Cutting open the rest of the wormy.  My vet tech skills finally come in handy after 10 years out of the field….

The kids were totally into it after the initial gross-ness wore off.

Looks like something out of a horror movie…

Worm brain!

Command and Control of the worm.  Circulatory and nervous systems and the top half of the digestive tract.

Here’s my boys wondering when we get to do more.


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